Van Bylandt Huis restyled for letting

The Van Bylandt Huis is a monumental office building with a powerful and stately appearance which is located in a multifunctional area in a prime location in The Hague: at the Benoordenhoutseweg at the corner of the N44, the A12 and close to the central station. The building consists of 7,500 sqm and is immediately available.

PingProperties Office fund II lets office space in various buildings

Recently PingProperties has established several leases totaling 1,546 sqm office space within the PingProperties Office fund II.

Update redevelopment Bloeyendael Utrecht

The demolition work around the building has been completed and at this moment work is carried out to the interior and exterior.

PingProperties and Siemens Netherlands reach agreement regarding the acquisition of the Dutch headquarters of Siemens in the Beatrixkwartier The Hague

For the new fund 'PingProperties Corporate Office fund VII' PingProperties reached unconditional agreement with Siemens Netherlands regarding the purchase of the Siemens headquarters in The Hague. Through a sale-and-leaseback construction Siemens will continue to use the office buildings long-term. The fund is characterized by a stable investment with various upsides. It offers a very healthy return and has a low risk because the objects will remain in use by Siemens for long term, the buildings have been completely renovated, the location is excellent and the tenant has an excellent credit rating. The fund consists of a select number of participants.

Redevelopment Bloeyendael is making progress

The demolition phase of office building Bloeyendael is making progress.

PingProperties launches new fund ' PingProperties Corporate Office fund V '

Recently, PingProperties has launched the new PingProperties Corporate Office fund V, in which the high-quality office building of Canon Nederland in 's-Hertogenbosch and the redevelopment project Bloeyendael in Utrecht, which is made for PLUS Retail , are placed. PingProperties has obtained a new long-term financing arrangement with ING for this fund.

PingProperties delivers new headquarters TenneT in Arnhem

PingProperties Corporate Office fund II delivered the new office Mariëndaal Center of Excellence (MCE) in Arnhem in collaboration with BAM Utiliteitsbouw Arnhem and Giesbers Bouw (consortium BGB). This redevelopment in the area Mariëndaal of Business Park Arnhems Buiten started in the summer of 2011 and lasted for almost 2 years.

PingProperties extends lease with Canon Nederland, 's- Hertogenbosch

PingProperties and Canon Nederland have extended the lease agreement long-term with respect to the office building at Brabantlaan 2, located in the Pettelaarpark in 's- Hertogenbosch. The total lettable floor area is approximately 10,350 sqm with 475 parking spaces (from mid-2013) and is fully leased to Canon Nederland.

PingProperties extends lease with the Raad voor de Kinderbescherming in Utrecht

Per 1 June 2014, PingProperties Office fund I (OGON) has extended the lease agreement long-term with the RGD for user Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (Child Protection Board). The Raad voor de Kinderbescherming leases 3,832 sqm office space and 44 parking spaces at the Fentener van Vlissingenkade 1-3 in Utrecht.

Maarten Matze to PingProperties

As of August 2013 Maarten Matze is employed by PingProperties as Fund Manager. Maarten will work for a few PingProperties funds where he is responsible for achieving the fund's objectives and other agreements. He will have frequently consults with stakeholders regarding the fund policies and developments within the funds.

PingProperties extends lease BAM in Gouda

PingProperties Corporate Office fund I has recently extended the lease with its lessee BAM for the long term. It concerns approx. 8,582 sqm of office space as well as 229 parking spaces (1:37) at H.J. Nederhorststraat 1 in Gouda. The office building is fully leased to BAM. The location is the headquarters for the subsidiaries BAM Civiel, BAM lnfraconsult and BAM lnternational. BAM has a history with this location since 1971.

PLUS Retail houses new service office in Bloeyendael Utrecht

PingProperties recently has concluded a qualitatively very successful lease agreement with new tenant Retail PLUS (PLUS) for 5,500 m² office space and 225 parking spaces in building Bloeyendael, located at Archimedeslaan 21 in Utrecht. PLUS combines three locations, including the current service office in De Bilt, to form this new service office. Per 1 February 2014, a total of over 300 employees is moving to Bloeyendael.

Bob Keessen joins PingProperties

PingProperties concludes various lease transactions

PingProperties reaches refinancing agreement

PingProperties has achieved a refinancing for the PingProperties Corporate Office fund I. The finance has been arranged with Berlin-Hannoversche Hypothekenbank AG and has been extended for five years, with a duration until December 2017.

Grand reopening shopping center Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam

PingProperties revitalized the outdated shopping arcade Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam into a modern and distinctive shopping center. On 7 December, the major renovations of the mall and the parking garage were finalized. The new shopping center and the square were officially reopened on 8 December last by Councilor Nils Bernsen (daily administrator Municipality of Rotterdam).

Extension of fund financing and lease for Yugoslavia Tribunal

PingProperties has extended the existing finance for the Trophy fund I. This finance has been arranged with FGH Bank and has been extended on a long-term basis. The Trophy fund I consists of a single, nationally listed building located in the International Zone of The Hague at Churchillplein 1. It has housed the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (The Yugoslavia Tribunal, or ICTY) since 1994.

PingProperties concludes lease with Cauberg-Huygen for Sarphati Plaza Amsterdam

With effect from January 2013 Cauberg-Huygen will conclude a 6-year lease for approx. 600 m2 and 6 parking spaces at the Sarphati Plaza office building at Rhijnspoorplein 10-38 in Amsterdam.

Yacht and FunktieMediair moving to Capelle aan den IJssel

Per 1 april 2012 PingProperties Office fund II concluded a lease agreement with Yacht and FunktieMediair for approximately 1,000 sqm office space and 35 parking places in office building Taurus at the Rivium Quadrant 1 in Capelle aan den IJssel.

Lease extensions by renovation Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam

In July 2012 is the start of large-scale renovation activities of the shopping arcade of the Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam. BAM Utiliteitsbouw Rotterdam and designer Vandaag = Morgen will give the shopping mall and the parking garage a new look and a tapis roulant (moving staircase) to connect the shopping arcade with the parking garage, in order to give the public the possibility to take the shopping carts to the car. By affixing the tapis roulant an increase of the number of visitors is expected. During the renovation of the shopping arcade the shops and the parking garage are accessible. The renovation activities are finished by the end of November 2012.

Stichting Radar leases in Maasdomein in Maastricht

Per 1 October 2012 PingProperties Office fund II has concluded a lease agreement with new tenant Stichting Radar for 1,818 sq.m. office space and 65 parking places in building Maasdomein, located at the Randwycksingel 35 in Maastricht. The building comprises a total of 6,710 sq.m. of which 2,400 sq.m. is still available for letting.

PingProperties reaches refinancing agreement

PingProperties has succeeded in concluding an agreement on refinancing the PingProperties Office fund I (OGON), the former Oranje-Nassau portfolio. The total refinancing amounts to approx. 141 million euros and will run until October 2016. The banks involved in this transaction are ING Real Estate Finance and SNS Property Finance.

PingProperties launches PingProperties Corporate Office fund III

On 28 March PingProperties took ownership of the office complex of AkzoNobel and Teijin Aramid in Arnhem for its new fund, the PingProperties Corporate Office fund III. The parties reached agreement on the unconditional transaction in December 2011.

PingProperties renews lease with Deloitte and AKD

PingProperties has renewed the lease with lessees Deloitte and AKD for the long term. Deloitte leases 7,659 m² of office space and 70 parking spaces and AKD 3,281 m² of office space and 30 parking spaces at Flight Forum 1 in Eindhoven.

Nearly 15% more vacancy in Zeist by developing new municipal office

Lease extension Cocencus in Pluspoint I Hoofddorp

Ping Properties Office Fund II has extended the current lease agreement with Cocensus for a long term in building Pluspoint I, located at the Jupiterstraat 120-166 in Hoofddorp. Cocensus leases 2,400 sqm office space and 60 parking places.

Lease extension Matserhuis in Arnhem

Ping Properties Office fund II has realized an extension with tenant Espérance Verloskundig Centrum Arnhem (Espérance). Espérance leases 143 sqm office space in building Matserhuis, located at the Burgemeester Matsersingel 200 in Arnhem.

Bergler ICT extends the lease of its headquarters in Breda

In office building De Bijster in Breda, PingProperties Office fund II has realized an extension with tenant Bergler ICT for its headquarters of 626 sq.m. office space on the entire fourth floor and 14 parking places.

Flycatcher Internet Research leases at La Fortezza Maastricht

Per 1 January 2012 PingProperties Office fund III (Tango Properties) has concluded a new lease agreement with tenant Flycatcher Internet Research for 255 sq.m. office space in building La Fortezza Noord, located at Avenue Ceramique 1-7 in Maastricht.

PingProperties lets Laanderpoort I and II in Amsterdam to ING Bank

PingProperties has extended the lease with tenant ING Bank NV for a long term. It concerns a lease agreement of approximately 12,850 sq.m. office space and 208 parking places, located at Bijlmerdreef 98, 100 and 102 in Amsterdam Southeast.

AkzoNobel and PingProperties have come to an agreement regarding large-scale complex

Regarding the new fund 'PingProperties Corporate Office fund III' PingProperties recently has come to an unconditional agreement with AkzoNobel regarding the purchase of the AkzoNobel office in Arnhem, where, among others AkzoNobel Netherlands and its global shared service operations are located. The offices will be leased back by AkzoNobel for a long term. The purchase also includes the European headquarters and test factory/research facility of Teijin Aramid. These buildings are also leased for a long term.

PingProperties leases office space in Zeist to Winnock

As of 1 January 2012 PingProperties has let office space in building De Dreef in Zeist to Winnock B.V., a subsidiary of Achmea. This letting concerns the PingProperties Office fund II.

PingProperties lets office space to two tenants in Utrecht

PingProperties has agreed on an extension with tenant Stichting Stimulansz in the office building located at the Koningin Wilhelminalaan 5 in Utrecht. Stichting Stimulansz has extended its existing lease of 1,076 sqm of office space and rented an additional 512 sqm for a period of 10 years as of 1 January 2012. As a result of the letting of this office space, the office building is now fully let.

PingProperties Corporate Office fund IV definitively launched

As of 1 November PingProperties has obtained the ownership of the Cascade office building for the new fund 'PingProperties Corporate Office fund IV'. On 22 April 2011 an unconditional purchase agreement was already signed with seller ING Vastgoed Ontwikkeling B.V..

PingProperties concludes successful lease deal for Luna ArenA Amsterdam

On 7 October 2011 PingProperties and the TMF Group reached agreement on the lease of approx. 10,600 sqm of office space and 137 parking spaces at Luna ArenA Amsterdam. It is a long-term lease which will commence on 1 April 2012.

PingProperties lets office space in two buildings in Rotterdam and Gouda

PingProperties has concluded leases with new lessees Allebedrijvenin and Netgear for office space in the Atrium building in Gouda, and has renewed the lease with Nautilus in the Alexandrium building in Rotterdam on a long-term basis.

PingProperties has let Prof. E.M. Meijerslaan 5 in Amstelveen to Towers Watson

PingProperties has recently extended the lease with its lessee Towers Watson for the long term. It concerns approx. 4,000 sqm of office space as well as 90 parking spaces at Prof. E. M. Meijerslaan 5 in Amstelveen.

PingProperties launches PingProperties Corporate Office fund IV

With the introduction of the PingProperties Corporate Office fund IV, PingProperties is launching a new fund again. It will incorporate the high-quality Cascade office complex in Groningen, bought today from ING Vastgoed Ontwikkeling B.V.

Hotel in PlusPoint III building in Hoofddorp completed

The hotel in the PlusPoint III building owned by PingProperties has become a fact. It will open its doors and welcome its first guests on Friday 22 April.

PingProperties lets Wegalaan 30-46 in Hoofddorp to EHM Executive Health Management

EHM Executive Health Management has extended the present lease of 700 sqm of office space as well as 12 parking spaces for a longer period with immediate effect. The organization is accommodated in the Triangle building at Wegalaan 30-46 in the Beukenhorst-Oost office location in Hoofddorp.

PingProperties lets office space in Arnhem to Stichting IrisZorg

IrisZorg has extended the present lease for 3,222 sqm of office space as well as 57 parking spaces for a longer period with immediate effect. Stichting IrisZorg is accommodated at Kronenburgsingel 545-547 in Arnhem.

PingProperties sells Het Rondeel in Houten to Kühne Holding B.V.

Het Rondeel, located at Hoofdveste 11 in Houten, was sold to the building company Kühne on 31 March 2011. Kühne will move into the building, which has a lettable floor area of approx. 2,491 sqm and 46 parking spaces.

PingProperties hands over Het Boek in Amsterdam to Real I.S.

On 1 April 2011 the prestigious 'Het Boek' office building in Amsterdam was handed over to the German investor Real I.S. The sales contract for the building was concluded in July last year.

PingProperties sells Huize Limburg in Oosterhout

Recently , PingProperties acquired the monumental Huize Limburg building on behalf of PingProperties Mix fund I through a sale-and-leaseback arrangement. The sale formed part of the agreement with PharmaPartners relating to the lease of the America Tower office building in Oosterhout.

PingProperties lets office space in De Bijster in Breda

With effect from 1 April 2011 PingProperties will lease the 'De Bijster' office building in Breda to CSL Behring. The lease concerns approx. 310 sqm of office space at Claudius Prinsenlaan 10-26 in Breda. The present lessee WeightWatchers will extend its office space to approx. 800 sqm with effect from 1 March 2011. With effect from the same date the lessee KP&T will move within the building to a larger connected office space of 300 sqm.

PingProperties lets office space in two buildings in Hoofddorp

With effect from 1 January PingProperties has let PlusPoint I to Aegon Nederland. This concerns a lease of approx. 800 sqm of office space at Jupiterstraat 82-120 in Hoofddorp.

PingProperties leases Meidoornkade 10 in Houten to Sharp

Sharp Electronics Benelux B.V. has renewed its existing lease of approx. 2,600 sqm of office space and 53 parking spaces for the long term. The company is located at Meidoornkade 10 in Houten.

PingProperties has let America Tower in Oosterhout to PharmaPartners

PingProperties and PharmaPartners have reached agreement on a long-term lease for approx. 2,875 sqm of office space together with 85 parking spaces in the America Tower at Wilhelminakanaal Zuid 110 in Oosterhout.

PingProperties leases the Atrium in Gouda to Raet

On 1 December 2010 Raet E&C Services B.V. will relocate its offices to the Atrium at Noordelijk Halfrond 10, Gouda, where a lease has been concluded for approx. 675 sqm of office space.

PingProperties lets Sarphati Plaza to Language Partners

On 1 December 2010 Language Partners will locate in the premises at Rhijnspoorplein 10-38 in Amsterdam. This concerns a long-term lease for approx. 550 sqm of office space.