Fund management

Monitoring fund objectives

Investors are directly involved in PingProperties. We hold frequent discussions on fund policy and developments within the fund.

We draw up the annual fund plans and the quarterly and annual reports and organizes quarterly shareholders’ meetings for each fund. Annual plans and reports as well as the quarterly reports are written according to a professional, standardized model.

PingProperties monitors the funds’ goals and other agreements made and ensures that our departments and third parties involved act accordingly.

We also provide the funds’ financial management, such as: rents received, financing, payment of interest/repayment, maintenance and renovation costs, marketing costs, financial statements etc..

Acquisition & Disposition

Every investment opportunity requires a unique approach, structure and financing model. We develop a strategic view on potential buildings and translate this into a new or existing fund.

Depending on the fund objectives PingProperties can increase investment volumes by adding new buildings or by merging with an existing PingProperties fund. Also PingProperties coordinates the disposal of buildings or the sale of the fund.

If investment partners want to exit the fund or do not want to participate in a new investment opportunity, we take care for attracting new investment partners.

PingProperties cooperates with a limited number of strategic investment partners, including PingInvestors.


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Working at PingProperties

Newest fund


PingProperties signs lease with Loyals Online at Dutch Tech Campus
PingProperties concludes lease with Stichting Laurens
PingProperties concludes lease with Praxis
PingProperties, KlokGroep and BPD have embarked on a joint venture for the development of a new residential neighbourhood in Arnhem
PingProperties signs lease with Atos Medical at Dutch Tech Campus
PingProperties welcomes Bagels & Beans to the Eudokiaplein shopping centre
PingProperties extends lease with UWV in Groningen
PingProperties buys large-scale redevelopment site in Arnhem
PingProperties concludes lease with Bagels & Beans
PingProperties extends lease with Heijmans head office
PingProperties extends lease with VKA in the Canberra office building in Zoetermeer
PingProperties extends lease with Sivantos Benelux at Dutch Tech Campus
PingProperties sells ABN AMRO office building in Utrecht to ASR Dutch Mobility Office Fund
PingProperties renews lease with major lessee in Groningen
PingProperties renews lease with Teleplan on Dutch Tech Campus Zoetermeer
With the lease concluded with the Chamber of Commerce Jacobsweerd is now fully let
PingProperties sells Paasheuvelweg 5 to The Kimberley Group
PingProperties welcomes new lessee ICT Group to America Tower
Tulip Inn Amsterdam Airport hotel awarded the Green Key Gold Label
PingProperties extends lease with Vodafone in Maastricht
Festive opening of Tulip Inn Amsterdam Airport!
Construction of Tulip Inn Amsterdam Airport hotel completed
PingProperties sells the sustainably transformed Trappenburch in Utrecht
PingProperties launches new fund
PingProperties Corporate Office Fund VII receives LEED Platinum certificate
La Voie office building fully let with Hanz
PingProperties extends lease with Municipality of Rotterdam at Eudokiaplein
PingProperties renews and expands lease at ‘De IX Rhijnhuysen’ office park in Nieuwegein
PingProperties renews lease with Atos at Dutch Tech Campus Zoetermeer
PingProperties extends lease in La Fortezza in Maastricht
PingProperties concludes lease with Kruidvat
PingProperties successfully concludes lease with TIAS for Trappenburch in Utrecht
PingProperties extends and expands lease with major lessee at Dutch Tech Campus Zoetermeer
PingProperties concludes a sale and-leaseback agreement with ABN AMRO
PingProperties concludes agreement with LHG for its building at Schiphol
PingProperties expands lease with BCN in Poortgebouw Utrecht
PingProperties concludes new lease with NN Group N.V. in Ede
PingProperties successfully reaches lease deal with AOb for Trappenburch in Utrecht
PingProperties buys another building in the Cascade complex in Groningen
PingProperties finalizes two financing arrangements
PingProperties sells Jacobsweerd to W.P. Carey

PingProperties launches Dutch Tech Campus

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