PingProperties extends lease in La Fortezza in Maastricht

PingProperties Office Fund III has extended a lease for a total of 255 m² office space on the third floor of the ‘La Fortezza’ office complex in Maastricht, as well as three parking spaces in the basement car park.

PingProperties has extended this lease with its lessee Flycatcher Internet Research B.V, a research agency specializing in online research, for a period of five years. This means that all the office space in the north block of La Fortezza is leased on a long-term basis. Other lessees in the office complex are the Government Buildings Agency, YoungCapital and Bayer.

La Fortezza, designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta and built in 1999, is a prestigious and modern office complex. The building, with its imposing appearance, is located in the heart of the Ceramique office district in Maastricht on the east bank of the River Maas.