PingProperties signs lease with Atos Medical at Dutch Tech Campus

PingProperties recently concluded a long-term lease with Atos Medical at Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer. Atos Medical is a perfect fit for the tech concept of the campus. On 1 November it will take up the lease of approx. 1,000 m² of office and storage space and 20 parking spaces.

Dutch Tech Campus (DTC) is located in the heart of the Randstad, along the A12 motorway in Zoetermeer. DTC facilitates a number of major companies including Siemens, Teleplan, Sivantos and Atos in customized accommodation. Following the purchase in 2015, PingProperties began rolling out the campus concept, investing heavily in facilities and amenities to increase the satisfaction of existing lessees and attract new ones. DTC now has two hospitality facilities, a meeting centre and its own bus service to the railway station. Lansingerland-Zoetermeer railway station is due to open in 2018 and will be right next to Dutch Tech Campus. Atos is very enthusiastic about the campus concept and is looking forward to using the campus as a showpiece for its own business activities. The Benelux division will be based at DTC.

Atos Medical
Atos Medical is a healthtech company in design solutions and technologies to help individuals who breathe through a stoma. The values of Atos Medical are all about listening and being focused, committed and inspiring. Atos Medical has grown to become a worldwide market leader in laryngectomy care, with subsidiaries in 14 countries and more than 450 Atos employees around the world. The offices for the Netherlands and Belgium are brought together at Dutch Tech Campus.