PingProperties Office fund IV

Luna ArenA Amsterdam (2010)

  • Strategic acquisition of the bank in August 2010: vacant since its completion at the end of 2008
  • Success in 2011: 10,275 sqm long-term leased to TMF Group
  • Success in 2014: 5,373 sqm long-term leased to Stryker
  • Approximately 15,648 sqm
  • Excellent location near Atlas ArenA Amsterdam (area development)
  • Aggressive marketing strategy: transformed into Luna ArenA Amsterdam
  • In the building: addition of company restaurant and bar
  • Investor: FGH + PingInvestors

Amsterdam, Herikerbergweg 120

Address: Herikerbergweg 120
Location: Station and Motorway (A1, A2, A9 and A10)
Floor surface: 15.650 m2
Ownership: Freehold
Sector: Offices
Facilities: Parking garage
Largest tenant: TMF Group