Our partners

PingProperties operates on the institutional side of the commercial real estate market in the Netherlands and focuses on larger deals with reputable parties, such as corporates, institutions and governments. We now have an extensive track record of investments in special transactions with attractive returns and with highly reputable parties. We achieve this together with our partners.

PingProperties has long-term partnerships with both national and international property financiers. Our solid network enables us to find suitable financing for every deal that supports the business plan. PingProperties strives for long-term relationships. This creates trust and enables parties to achieve solution-oriented objectives in both the boom and the boom.

PingProperties cooperates in a sustainable manner with a select number of external professional investors. Together with our partners we determine the policy and consult on the developments of the investments. In addition, we work on the basis of comparable core values: reliability, ownership and perseverance – whereby our independence is guaranteed.

We build intensive cooperation with our investors, whereby they can trust our qualities and our reliability. Integrity is our top priority and that means that we act honestly and honestly. We also expect this from third parties. We have intrinsic reliability; we say what we do and do what we say. PingInvestors, also the management of PingProperties, is one of the possible investment partners.
PingProperties is partner for corporate housing and builds long-term relationships with its tenants. We now have an extensive track record of larger corporate tenants to whom we rent or have rented out. In some cases we have purchased or developed their own head office for the relevant tenants (sale and leaseback). By taking over the housing, possibilities are created to give the building a new lease of life if the tenant leaves.

PingProperties knows how to deal with the interests of larger corporate tenants and is also used to linking up with such parties at the same level. We distinguish ourselves through a proactive attitude towards our tenants and their housing and we strive for high tenant satisfaction. We respond quickly to questions from tenants and always strive for a win-win situation for both tenant and investor. In addition, we are always looking for sustainability options, from which our tenants also benefit. Our tenants view PingProperties as a professional and transparent partner who takes decisions quickly and takes care of their housing. This image also makes the difference when potential tenants opt for new housing. A building managed by PingProperties provides real added value: a structural and sustainable cooperation for the future.