Working method

We don’t believe in investment for investment’s sake. Unlike others, first we find the investment (product), then we arrange the funding (partners).


Only if the investment fits in with the existing portfolio, is manageable and is an economically attractive proposition will we give the PING starting signal to add the building or complex to our portfolio. This enables us to retain our independence and partners will follow us in our vision.

Our added value

“Our added value is not only in creating more value for commercial property, but also in our way of doing things.”

We have focus, creativity in finding investment solutions and the speed and tenacity to bring financing issues as well as development and redevelopment projects to a successful conclusion, always with the aim of adding lasting value.


We are able to maintain our flexibility and speed that is needed to act decisively at the right moment. By doing so we maintain access to the best product that the market has to offer. We do this while grounded in our core values: reliability, ownership and perseverance.