PingProperties is an investment management organization that adds lasting value to existing commercial real estate and the spatial environment and by doing so, creates high-quality investments for the future.


With an enthusiastic team and 20 years of professional experience in the real estate market, PingProperties has built up a strong position and critical mass. Our track record, our market knowledge and our corporate network enable us to keep a close eye on the market and to realize attractive investment opportunities. We work together with a select number of strategic investment partners, including PingInvestors. PingProperties currently manages invested assets of around 600 million euros and is based at Schiphol.

Our key values




Integrity is our top priority and that means that we act honestly and sincerely. That is why we like to work with partners who, like us, have intrinsic reliability. In addition, we say what we do and do what we say. Because only if you can trust each other can you build a long-term relationship. With us, dealing honestly with each other, both internally and outside the organization, is an important characteristic.

PingPropeties operates on the institutional side of the real estate market. Thanks to our transparent and accessible basic attitude, parties can trust us.

Our working method creates ownership. We are not only concerned with the result, but also with the way in which we achieve this. We are involved and creative in our ideas and plans, but at the same time realistic. To achieve our goals, we commit ourselves to perform tasks with maximum effectiveness and efficiency and we take full responsibility in this regard. It is a deliberate desire to constantly develop and improve. This gives us energy and makes us proud. 

We have the willpower and determination to achieve something and we are only satisfied when the intended result is achieved. We have a winning mentality and we love visible results. In order to operate effectively, we like short lines and quick, well-considered decisions. With setbacks we do not give up, but resolve this through decisiveness and creativity. We are ambitious, eager to learn and like to take on challenges.



PingProperties adds lasting value to existing commercial real estate and the spatial environment.



We strive to achieve the best possible result; for the sustainable future of the building and its surroundings, for the users, for our investors and for ourselves. We achieve this with an efficient and effective organization in which we work together with energy, purpose and satisfaction.

The growth of our portfolio is not an end in itself. We strive for independence and continuity.

A sustainable future

Every building or location deserves a sustainable future. By developing strategic solutions for complex architectural, financial and commercial issues, PingProperties creates high-quality real estate investments that contribute to that future. With vision and creativity we add sustainable values to buildings and the spatial environment. Value for tenants, value for investors, value for the environment and value for other stakeholders. That is our strength and that’s how we make a lasting difference for everyone. For now and in the future.


creating a lasting difference