PingProperties welcomes 3 new lessees in the Van Bylandt Huis in The Hague


PingProperties Office Fund I recently concluded 3 new leases for a total of approx. 976 m² of office space and 15 parking spaces in the Van Bylandt Huis, located at Benoordenhoutseweg 46 in The Hague. The Dutch Dairy Organization (Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie NZO) has leased 380 m², Maalderink Vermeulen 342 m² and ZuivelNL 254 m² of office space. These leases follow hot on the heels of the agreement recently reached with the new lessee Pink+Nelson for 1,940 m² of office space.


The Van Bylandt Huis is a historic office building with a robust and grand appearance. Two symmetrical wings give the building it striking form.


The interior of the building has recently been modernized to a very high standard using new, sustainable technologies while maintaining its classical external appearance. The old traditions and atmosphere have also been preserved, and the interior has been given a modern interpretation of an office environment of the 1930s which nevertheless meets today’s requirements.


The NZO is a promotional, lobby and sector organization of the Dutch dairy industry. Thirteen dairy companies are members of the association, including the two largest dairy cooperatives: Campina and Friesland Foods. These members together process some 98% of Dutch farm milk. The NZO promotes the interests of its members in the dairy industry through its political lobbying activities in the Netherlands and abroad. It encourages the sale and acceptance of milk among the general public through generic advertising and the promotion of dairy products, especially milk.


Maalderink Vermeulen is an independent firm of lawyers and civil-law notaries, with protocols dating back to 1912. Since then it has grown to become a medium-sized law firm in The Hague. Some 20 persons work for the firm, more than half of whom are lawyers and civil-law notaries.


On 7 January 2014 ZuivelNL was formed by LTO Nederland (LTO) and the Dutch Dairy Organization (NZO), as a chain organization for the dairy sector. It is the dairy industry’s neutral point of contact for the government and third parties. ZuivelNL is the platform for reaching agreements on joint schemes and financing.

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