Euromaster commits to Rotterdam-Zuid for the next 10 years


Euromaster, the specialist in tyre services and driving comfort, is renewing the lease for the building at Driemanssteeweg 23-25 in Rotterdam-Zuid for 10 years. This lease renewal keeps Euromaster in the region as a partner for tyres and related services, in both the private and business market, from a strategically positioned location. Along with the renewal of the lease with Euromaster Nederland, BOB Autwas has also committed itself to the location for the long term. PingProperties reached agreement with Euromaster on behalf of the company Retail Rijnmond.


Excellent condition & favourable strategic location
Retail Rijnmond has had the building at Driemanssteeweg 23-25 in its portfolio since 2005. In 2013 the complex, which has a floor area of approx. 5,500 m2 and 52 parking spaces, was divided and BOB Autowas now leases part of the building. A number of technical improvements were made recently, including the replacement of the roof, new exterior paintwork for the entire building, a redesign of the grounds and the creation of extra parking spaces. The building, which qualifies as light industrial, is in excellent condition and at an extremely favourable strategic location for Euromaster: close to the Port of Rotterdam and to the city, alongside exit 19 of the A15 motorway.


Euromaster, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Michelin Group, is one of the leading European players in the tyre and maintenance market. Euromaster has been based in the Netherlands since 1991 and has grown to become a major mobility partner in the business market (lease companies, transport firms, industry, agriculture and earth-moving operations). It is the most important partner for all motor transport in the port area of Rotterdam and at Schiphol Airport. Euromaster is also active in the private market. The company is based in 17 European countries and has more than 2,300 branches.

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