AkzoNobel - former ENKA park

130,978 sqm

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AkzoNobel - former ENKA park

Velperweg 76,

Unique large-scale inner-city area development


Industrial park, located at Velperweg 76, Arnhem is the former AkzoNobel – ENKA site and consists of various business spaces and grounds. AkzoNobel, Nouryon and Teijin Aramid are now housed on the site. In 2021, the ROC Rijn IJssel educational institution will also move into the park. In the near future a residential area of around 250 houses will be realized on the East site. This unique location is located in the center of the city of Arnhem and is regarded as an important inner-city area development project.


In 2012, PingProperties acquired 6 hectares at this location with 70,000 m² of office and laboratory buildings. The site has been acquired anticyclic from AkzoNobel with wealthy partners through a sale & leaseback construction with AkzoNobel. With a leasehold construction, the land and buildings have been leased back instead of being let to AkzoNobel. PingProperties later acquired more than 7 hectares of land, of which she sold 5 hectares in 2017 to the BPD/ KlokGroep  to develop a residential area with a high-quality residential environment at this location. At the end of 2018, PingProperties finalized negotiations with existing and new tenants. This was also the starting signal for large-scale inner-city area development. Concluding long-term lease agreements with existing tenants AkzoNobel / Nouryon, Teijin Aramid and newcomer RijnIJssel ensures continuity with regard to the location. With the arrival of RijnIJssel, the educational function will be added to the existing work function.


PingProperties acts as a catalyst and inventive redevelopment by redeveloping this old industrial area into a multifunctional living, working and educational area with a long-term stable rental occupation. With this unique area development project, PingProperties not only makes a lasting difference for AkzoNobel / Nouryon, Teijin Aramid and ROC Rijn IJssel (all of which are part of this site), but also for new residents, local residents and other stakeholders.



The former AkzoNobel-ENKA park will be transformed into a multifunctional area where work, living and education will find their place. PingProperties has now started the transformation of a former laboratory building of approximately 6,000 m2 into a sustainable and future-proof head office for Teijin Aramid, global manufacturer in the field of synthetic fibers. The delivery is planned for the third quarter of 2020. Part of the site is being developed sustainably at the ROC Rijn IJssel for its IT, engineering and laboratory technology clusters and the creative industry. This route will start in 2020 and completion in 2021. The third function (residential function) will be filled between Velperweg and the Arnhem-Zutphen railway line. In the future, housing developer BDP / Klokgroep will, in consultation with future residents, develop a new residential area with respect for the rich industrial history of the site.




Teijin Aramid

ROC Rijn IJssel

Industrial park





Acquisition of AkzoNobel and Teijin Aramid headquarters, business spaces and land of AkzoNobel by sale-and-leaseback

Acquisition finance with Berlin Hyp


Acquisition land and parking area

Sale of part of the land to housing developer BPD/KlokGroep


Sale of two buildings to ROC Rijn IJssel

New long-term lease with ROC Rijn IJssel, Arnhem – 15,134 sqm


New long-term lease with Teijin Aramid, Arnhem – 22,769 sqm

Two finance arrangements with NIBC including construction finance

Start redevelopment of Teijin Aramid headquarters, Arnhem


Start construction campus, environmental permit irrevocable

Delivery of new Teijin Aramid head office


Handover management

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