Daily Convenience Center Stadshart Zoetermeer

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Daily Convenience Center Stadshart Zoetermeer


Stadshart Oost, situated in Zoetermeer city centre, is a city-centre, mixed-use asset with 27,500 m² retail and 831 parking spaces in shared ownership (45%) in four car parks. It also offers the option of developing a residential tower block. 


Stadshart Zoetermeer has a long history and an excellent reputation in its catchment area. With more than 10 million visitors a year, Stadshart Zoetermeer is the largest and most important shopping centre in the city. It offers a mix of non-daily shops, supermarkets, restaurants, offices and homes. Anchor tenants include Action, Xenos, Zeeman, Douglas and Holland & Barrett.


With the purchase of Stadshart Oost, PingProperties is expanding its convenience retail portfolio further. PingProperties believes in the power of district shopping centres, where active management and personal attention to retailers can add value. 


Transformation of indoor shopping center – Daily Plaza

PingProperties will transform the 13,000 m² covered shopping arcade of Stadshart Zoetermeer into a daily convenience center under the name: Stadshart Daily Plaza.


Daily Plaza will be the covered shopping center within Stadshart Zoetermeer with a focus on daily necessities. As anchor tenant, supermarket DIRK will be located in the space of the former V&D.


The Daily Plaza concept will be strengthened by adding related (store) formulas to the supermarket. From supermarket, drugstore to bakery, toy store and indispensable basic providers. An essential new access connection will be created between the shopping levels through a tapis roulant (in addition to the existing escalators and elevators) and a new parking garage will be added especially for visitors to Daily Plaza.


This will be the place for all daily necessities under one roof.
Read more at stadhartdailyplaza.nl


Development Residential Tower Block
A unique development location in the heart of Zoetermeer, on the site of the former V&D location. The development location offers the opportunity for a residential tower of 70 meters height and 21.000 m² GFA. This provides the opportunity to add 200-225 homes to the city center of Zoetermeer.


The conversion of the applicable zoning plan to make a residential tower possible has been confirmed in the City Center Vision 2040, which was established by the Municipality of Zoetermeer. The Inner City 2040 vision includes the important task of adding 2.000 homes and at the same time provides direction for the desired higher quality of the city center.

Multi-tenant (57 tenants)

Convenience center

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PingProperties Daily Convenience Center Fund IV


In portfolio

Track Record


Acquisition of Stadshart Oost Zoetermeer
Sell 48 apartments to Grouwels


Long-term lease extension with Douglas, Intertoys and Blokker
Environmental permit obtained, renovation of covered shopping arcade from Stadshart Zoetermeer to Daily Plaza
New long-term lease with Dirk, Dirck3 slijterij en Pet’s Place


Construction agreement signed with Van Wijnen for the redevelopment of the covered shopping arcade of Stadshart Zoetermeer
New long-term lease with Trekpleister

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