Eudokiaplein office and retail complex

10,479 sqm

Floor area

Energy label A



Parking spaces

Eudokiaplein, office and retail complex


Optimize tenant mix and upgrade to well-used and visited working and shopping complex


Eudokiaplein working & shopping complex is located in the heart of Rotterdam North, consisting of an office part and a shopping area. In the office part there are various social institutions focusing on care and welfare. The shopping section of Eudokiaplein oversees a large proportion of the residents of this district for daily shopping (with tenants such as AH and ALDI, Bagels & Beans, among others). The neighborhood is attracting more and more young & wealthy residents and is considered a hip & upcoming district.


After the aquisition of the complex in 2008, the tenant mix has gradually improved considerably by adding new high-quality tenants with long-term commitments. By clearly positioning the complex as a central neighborhood location for various healthcare institutions, the office part of Eudokiaplein is now fully and long-term occupied by various tenants. In 2012, Eudokiaplein shopping center was extensively renovated and a moving walkway between the shopping arcade and the parking garage was realized. Together with a clearly recognizable branding and the addition of a high-quality lunchroom, Eudokiaplein is now a lively shopping center with more than 55,000 visitors a week. The parking policy of the garage, realized in close cooperation with the tenants, has also been greatly improved.


With the optimization of the tenant mix, the upgrading of the entire complex and the repositioning of the offices as a central location for healthcare institutions for Rotterdam North, PingProperties is making a successful contribution to improving Rotterdam North for everyone involved. The mix of companies and institutions (healthcare & retail), which are complementary to both the complex and the environment, ensures not only a strong appeal but also connection.


PingProperties has confidence in Rotterdam as a growth market for real estate investments and in the potential of Eudokiaplein. The ambition is to further develop Eudokiaplein by implementing various qualitative improvements, strengthening the tenant mix and optimizing the positioning of the complex.

Gemeente Rotterdam
Centre Youth and Family Rijnmond
Convenience center


Retail Fund l






Acquisition of Eudokiaplein office and retail complex, Rotterdam 

Acquisition finance with ING


Large-scale redevelopment of Eudokiaplein office and retail complex, Rotterdam and realization of walway between shopping arcade and parking garage


New long-term lease with MOB (Social Support Office)

New long-term lease with Kruidvat

Long-term lease extension with Virenze

Long-term lease extension with the Municipality of Rotterdam


New long-term lease with Bagels & Beans
New long-term lease with ‘Praxis om de Hoek’
New long-term lease with Stichting Laurens

Improving sustainability of entire complex to achieve Energy label A


Long-term lease extension with Stichting BforYou

Long-term lease extension with Stichting Sarya


New long-term lease with Aldi by extending new concept

New long-term lease with ASVZ

New long-term lease with Teka Groep

Large-scale redevelopment of Albert Heijn

Long-term lease extension with the Youth and Family Centre Rijnmond (Centrum voor Jeugd & Gezin Rijnmond)

Refinancing of Eudokiaplein office and retail complex, Rotterdam with Deutsche Postbank


New long-term lease with Tulp Education and ASVZ Foundation


New long-term lease with Medicina Health Center

Long-term lease extension with Stichting Nidos

New long-term lease with Pharmacy Eudokiaplein

Sale of Eudokiaplein, Rotterdam

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