Teijin Aramid headquarters

22,769 sqm

Floor area

Energy label A



Parking places

Teijin Aramid headquarters

Velperweg 76


Renovation: from laboratory to high-quality office building

This industrial building occupied by Teijin Aramid, a global player in para-aramid fibres (total floor area 22,769 sqm) has been redeveloped as a sustainable and future-proof head office with cutting-edge climate and sustainability technology. The renovated building has a high-quality façade to reflect a modern, international head office and which also minimizes energy consumption. The transformation includes new, bespoke fixtures and fittings that have been designed in close collaboration with the lessee, Teijin Aramid, both in appearance and as regards the workplace concept of operational excellence it aims to create. The result is a stable tenant with a long-term lease. Following refinancing, at the start of 2019, this is the next stage in the transformation of the AkzoNobel site into a multifunctional area combining homes, work and education.

Teijin Aramid

Office and industry

In portfolio




Acquisition of AkzoNobel and Teijin Aramid headquarters, business spaces and land of AkzoNobel by sale-and-leaseback

Acquisition finance with Berlin Hyp


Acquisition land and parking area

Sale part of the land to housing developer BPD/KlokGroep



Sale of two buildings to ROC Rijn IJsel

New long-term lease with ROC Rijn IJssel, Arnhem – 15,134 sqm



New long-term lease with Teijin Aramid, Arnhem – 22,769 sqm

Two finance arrangements with NIBC including construction finance

Start redevelopment of Teijin Aramid headquarters, Arnhem

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