PingProperties: A festive opening for ROC at the ENKA campus in Arnhem


The new site for the ROC Rijn IJssel education and training centre at the ENKA campus in Arnhem was recently opened in festive style. This celebratory moment is the result of the collaboration between ROC Rijn IJssel and PingProperties which began in 2018.


Several former ROC Rijn IJssel sites have been brought together at the ENKA campus in order to facilitate greater coherence in education. To achieve this, PingProperties has concluded a long-term lease with ROC Rijn IJssel. The leased buildings encompass a total of more than 15,000m² of educational space and office facilities for the central staff, including the Executive Board. The rooms leased by ROC Rijn IJssel have been sustainably redeveloped as educational spaces with energy label A, where the interior concept has been fully designed with the educational requirements of today and the future in mind. ROC Rijn IJssel provides courses for 3,000 students and employment for 250 staff on the ENKA campus. The courses are divided into the Creative Industry, Technology and ICT clusters.


The development of this new ROC Rijn IJssel site is part of a large-scale inner-city area development in Arnhem, where the former monofunctional AkzoNobel site has been redeveloped as the ENKA campus that brings together residential, work and educational functions. PingProperties is the driver behind the ENKA campus and has entered into cooperative agreements with AkzoNobel, Teijin Aramid and ROC Rijn IJssel to make it possible. As part of this project, PingProperties transformed an old, vacant laboratory building into a highly sustainable head office for the chemicals giant Teijin Aramid. This made space in the characteristic ‘Witte Villa’ available for the arrival of ROC Rijn IJssel. In addition, ROC has leased the lower four floors of the AkzoNobel tower. Two buildings on the ENKA campus have also been sold to ROC.


ENKA campus
The ENKA campus is situated on Velperweg in Arnhem and covers an area of 31.1 hectares with around 70,000 m² of office and laboratory buildings and around 850 parking spaces. In 2017, PingProperties sold 5 hectares of land to the KlokGroep/BPD consortium for the development on this site of a residential neighbourhood in a high-quality living environment. The arrival of ROC Rijn IJssel means that the educational function has now been added to the area.

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