PingProperties a partner of DGBC


PingProperties has recently joined DGBC as a partner. Together with the other DGBC partners, PingProperties aims to make a greater impact towards achieving a CO₂-neutral built environment.


During recent years PingProperties has already been actively working on breathing new life into outdated buildings and their surroundings, and successfully developing and redeveloping them, adding new functions and devising solutions that create sustainable value. Through its partnership with DGBC, PingProperties aims to accelerate the process of making the built environment in the Netherlands future-proof. The built environment is in fact responsible for almost 40% of our energy consumption and almost a third of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. ‘As a sector, we therefore hold an important key to making the Netherlands fundamentally more sustainable, and faster’, says Bram Harding, Head of Real Estate (Re)Development at PingProperties. ‘By sharing knowledge, expanding our network and collaborating with the other 350 DGBC partners, we can make a real difference. Working together to protect our planet, that is what we stand for: a huge challenge and an absolute necessity!’


About DGBC
Stichting Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) is a national public organization founded in 2008 on the initiative of the market. It is the largest and most widespread movement for improving the sustainability of the built environment in the Netherlands. Based on four central themes, impactful programmes are being developed in the areas of CO2 reduction (Paris Proof), circularity, health and climate adaptation.


DGBC brings organizations in contact with each other, promotes collaboration and provides a knowledge platform where knowledge and innovations can be shared. It also organizes training programmes and events on topical sustainability themes. In addition, it develops and manages BREEAM-NL, the most used quality mark in Europe to assess and measure the sustainability performance of buildings and areas.

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