PingProperties expands range of healthcare services at Eudokiaplein Health Centre in Rotterdam


On behalf of Eudokiaplein B.V., PingProperties is expanding further the range of healthcare services in the Eudokiaplein Health Centre in Rotterdam Noord. A new lease has been concluded with a pharmacy, which will be called Apotheek Eudokiaplein. The lease for 110 m² LFA will take effect on 1 October 2021. This expansion is the next step in the continued development of the Eudokiaplein Health Centre.


Apotheek Eudokiaplein will be fully future-proof, with all the technological developments of our time. It will have a prescription collection machine, so that medication can be picked up 24/7. The pharmacy adds great value to the centre and the district.


Eudokiaplein Health Centre is part of the Eudokiaplein business and retail centre, centrally located in a multicultural district where an increasing number of highly qualified young people are choosing to live. PingProperties is working on its vision to develop the entire Eudokiaplein complex further as a place for locals to meet and where they can find all their daily needs under one roof. The shopping centre has everything that visitors need for their day-to-day shopping, with lessees such as Albert Heijn, Aldi, Kruidvat, Bagels & Beans and Praxis, and attracts more than 55,000 visitors a week. The Health Centre fulfils a range of social functions focusing on healthcare and welfare, such as the Youth and Family Centre (Centrum voor Jeugd en Gezin, GJG), the Sarya Foundation, the NIDOS  Foundation, the BforYou Foundation, Tulp Educatie, the ASVZ Foundation and Al Gitaan, together with a local municipal office which also place emphasis on Care & Welfare.

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