PingProperties finances Carnisse Veste in Barendrecht with Postbank


PingProperties has concluded a financing agreement with Postbank (part of DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG) for the Carnisse Veste shopping centre at Van Beuningenhaven 71 in Barendrecht. Last week  PingProperties bought the building from Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance. With the purchase of Carnisse Veste, PingProperties is further expanding its convenience retail portfolio. PingProperties believes in the power of local shopping centres, where active management and personal attention to shopkeepers can add value.


Last year, Postbank financed the residential, retail and office complex at Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam for PingProperties.


Carnisse Veste Daily Convenience Centre
The complex (approx. 15,300 m² of retail space) consists of 50 units on two floors and is easily reached by public transport and car. All units are supplied from 2 large delivery lanes accessed from Portlandse Baan. Parking facilities with 495 free parking spaces are on the ground floor of the building. Lessees focus mainly on food and day-to-day non-food necessities. Carnisse Veste is visited by 3.9 million people each year.

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