PingProperties improves sustainability of Cascade Groningen to achieve energy label A++/A+++


PingProperties has recently completed work on making the Cascade complex at Cascadeplein 2 to 10 and Emmasingel 4 in Groningen fully sustainable. It means that 24,000 m² of office space and 5,000 m² of filing space are now future-proof. The renovation work has improved the energy labels for three buildings to A++, and A+++ for the other two buildings. This will make significant annual reductions in the volume of CO2 emissions.


The five buildings had energy labels varying from E to C and were the last buildings in PingProperties’ portfolio that had not yet been given energy label A. PingProperties continues to transform outdated buildings and districts with the aim of giving them a sustainable future.


During the past 8 months the climate systems for the buildings of the Cascade complex have been substantially upgraded. In consultation with the Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB), occupiers and the contractor Equans, temporary measures were taken to ensure that the sustainability improvements could be made while the occupants could continue to use their workspaces as usual. A unique achievement!


The scope of the work to improve sustainability involved removing the central heating boilers and replacing the air-conditioning units with new, more efficient units. The new air-conditioning units are fitted with hybrid heat pumps and heat recovery elements. In addition, the control engineering has been completely replaced so that the new systems can be used more effectively. The lighting throughout the complex had already been replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting.


Wilson Wong, Redevelopment Manager at PingProperties: ‘This renovation work means that energy consumption in the complex has been significantly reduced. We carry out such work to make existing property suitable for a sustainable future. A future in which we as a society must be even more critical about our energy consumption. This radical renovation work has been completed with minimal inconvenience and minimal loss of comfort for the complex’s daily users. It has been made possible through close cooperation between the RVB, PingProperties and the main contractor Equans.’


About the Cascade complex
The Cascade complex is situated at a unique location adjacent to Groningen Central Station. The complex is the largest multi-tenant government building in the Netherlands and accommodates 14 different government agencies, including the RVB, the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the Land Registry, the Groningen Archives and the Telecom Agency. Solarfields also has offices in the complex. All this means that the Cascade complex is 100% let.

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