PingProperties is moving its main office to Schiphol


As of 20 September, PingProperties is moving its main office to Piet Guilonardweg 3 at Schiphol. With the move, PingProperties is strategically opting to house its headquarters in one of its own properties: the Ibis Styles Schiphol Airport Hotel. This is the second time PingProperties is housing its offices within its own property. In 2009, PingProperties moved from the Zuidas to its former property, the Atlas Arena in Amsterdam.


They are moving so that PingProperties can structure a new work concept called “Connect Working”. With our changing society and general tendency to work from home more, the office’s role is changing from a working area to a meeting area. This new role calls for new facilities and services to make these meetings possible. This had led offices to start feeling more and more like hotels, which naturally fill that role of meetings and the services involved in those meetings already. By housing the PingProperties offices in the Ibis Styles Amsterdam Airport Hotel, PingProperties has further structured the Connect Working concept; moreover, the connection has strengthened the office and hotel function of the building. The office interior was designed to align with the concept. By doing so, PingProperties is also renewing its interior and work environments in order to accommodate the new ways of working. In the future, PingProperties expects to be able to share more of the “Connect Working” concept.


The professionals at PingProperties look forward to getting started at the new office and being able to receive its contacts there starting this Monday. In addition to its headquarters at Schiphol, PingProperties also has three site offices located in its own buildings: the Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer, the Carnisse Veste shopping centre in Barendrecht and the Passage shopping centre in Schiedam, from which they work on about 20 great properties.


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