PingProperties making sustainability improvements to Cascade complex in Groningen


PingProperties has recently started work on further improvements to the sustainability of the Cascade complex at Cascadeplein 2 to 10 and Emmasingel 4 in Groningen. This work will make 24,000 m² of office space and 5,000 m² of filing space future-proof. The lighting throughout the entire complex has already been replaced with sustainable LED lighting. Once the renovation work is completed, all buildings making up the Cascade complex will have energy label A.


The systems in the buildings of the Cascade complex are undergoing a substantial upgrade. The outdated central heating boilers and air-conditioning units are being replaced by new, more efficient units. The new air-conditioning units are equipped with hybrid heat pumps and heat recovery. The renovation work is being carried out in collaboration with the main contractor Equans, while the buildings themselves can remain in use.


To achieve the Government’s sustainability ambitions, this work would normally involve a downtime of around four to six weeks. In close consultation with the Government Real Estate Agency and its occupiers we have made arrangements to keep the nuisance to a minimum and have succeeded in reducing the downtime of the systems to just two days, and that’s just for the heating systems. Mitigating measures will keep all other systems fully operational, without a single day of downtime. This means that the Government Real Estate Agency can remain working in its offices while the work is going on. An excellent result!’, says Bram Harding (Managing Director Redevelopment at PingProperties).


About the Cascade complex
The Cascade complex is situated at a unique location adjacent to Groningen Central Station. The complex is the largest multi-tenant government building in the Netherlands and accommodates 14 different government agencies, including the Central Government Real Estate Agency (RVB), the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the Land Registry, the Groningen Archives and the Telecom Agency. Solarfields also has offices in the complex. All this means that the Cascade complex is 100% let.

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