PingProperties renews 2 leases in the Carnisse Veste shopping centre in Barendrecht


PingProperties has renewed the leases of 2 tenants in Carnisse Veste for the long term. It concerns 1,100 m² for Action and AMI Kappers. These lease renewals fit in perfectly with Ping Properties’ vision to attract tenants to the Carnisse Veste shopping centre for the long term.


Action has been a tenant at Carnisse Veste since 2014. It is a highly successful branch of the brand and a major draw for shoppers in the complex. AMI Kappers has had a hair salon in the shopping centre since 2019 and has full confidence in the future of Carnisse Veste.


PingProperties is delighted with recent developments at the Carnisse Veste shopping centre. ‘These transactions underline the confidence that retailers have in maintaining a presence in our shopping centre’, says Sander Rovers, Head of Asset Management at PingProperties.


Carnisse Veste Daily Convenience Centre
The complex (approx. 15,300 m² of retail space) consists of 50 units on two floors and is easily reached by public transport and car. All units are supplied from two large delivery lanes accessed from Portlandse Baan. Parking facilities with 495 free parking spaces are on the ground floor of the building. Tenants focus mainly on food and day-to-day non-food necessities. Carnisse Veste is visited by no fewer than 3.9 million people each year.

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