PingProperties renews lease with Grey Valley


PingProperties has reached agreement with Grey Valley on renewing the lease at the Dutch Tech Campus (DTC), located in the Dutch Innovation Park in Zoetermeer. The total lettable floor area is approx. 870 m2 with 15 parking spaces. This renewal is perfectly in keeping with PingProperties’ vision to commit lessees to the Dutch Tech Campus for the long term.


Grey Valley has been based at DTC since 2018. From the moment of purchasing DTC in 2015, PingProperties started to reposition the site as a campus concept (Dutch Tech Campus), upgrade the shared facilities and improve the mobility to increase the satisfaction of current lessees and attract new lessees. The campus will continue to receive significant investment in the future, an important reason why Grey Valley has decided to renew its lease at the site.


Grey Valley
Grey Valley Incubator is an initiative of Bureauvijftig. Grey Valley Incubator is a physical location and inspirational environment where start-ups and other entrepreneurs with a concept or product aimed at older people can set up business, but also a place where living labs, investors and knowledge come together.


Dutch Tech Campus, Zoetermeer
Dutch Tech Campus is a campus located on the site of the former Siemens complex in the heart of the Randstad, in the municipality of Zoetermeer. A wide range of national and international businesses in the field of smart technology, ICT and logistics have been brought together on the site. Existing and new lessees can share knowledge and collaborate, creating an inspirational work environment with mutual synergy effects. The complex consists of 10 buildings on a site of 13 hectares, providing offices as well as high-quality business and production space with a total floor area of approx. 42,000 m² LFA. The site is still undergoing extensive development and is being transformed into a high-quality and fully sustainable business park. A range of successful businesses in smart technology, ICT and logistics (including Siemens Mobility, ATOS medical, Teleplan and Grey Valley) are now based on the campus.


Dutch Innovation Park
The Dutch Innovation Park in Zoetermeer, next to The Hague, is the Dutch breeding ground for applied IT solutions in the field of cyber security, e-health, smart mobility and big data. This is where knowledge, research, capital, training, start-ups and renowned companies come together to build a better future. There are start-ups, medium-sized companies and multinationals, and more than 800 inquisitive IT students from the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The synergy at the Park enables innovation and new IT business.

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