PingProperties sells refrigerated storage space in Waalwijk to Real Estate Waalwijk


On 6 July 2010 the refrigerated storage space located on Veerweg 11, Waalwijk, was sold to Real Estate Waalwijk B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Partner Logistics Europe B.V. This sale was made by White Lane Investments II B.V., which is managed by PingProperties.

The property is a fully automated logistics refrigerated storage space of 6,858 sqm gross floor area where Oerlemans Foods is located. Oerlemans Foods grows, produces and supplies refrigerator-fresh vegetable, fruit and potato products.


Over a number of years major investments have been made in this refrigerated logistics storage space. At the time Partner Logistics found in PingProperties a party with which it could buy the refrigerated storage space by means of a sale and lease-back construction. As a result Oerlemans could focus on its core business and place off balance the charges for realizing its process and storage facilities. This improved production line has allowed Oerlemans to raise efficiency and modernize its operations. It has also offered it greater technical opportunities to come up with innovative products.


Partner Logistics is devoted to total solutions for logistics processes, such as concept development, realization, management, maintained improvement programmes and offers the options of making major investments for the client. Partner Logistics’ mission is to develop socially meaningful quality and efficiency improvements for every manufacturing chain. They do so by being the world’s most reliable partner in the area of exploiting sustainable, innovative and highly automated warehouses developed by its in-house teams.


PingProperties is an investment management organization which structures office funds by combining its expertise in the market with its financial engineering skills and promoting these via a unique network of national and international strategic investment partners. The PingProperties funds are characterized by their success at achieving above average returns, whilst retaining direct control of the funds’ result by managing all its aspects (investment, fund and asset).

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