PingProperties renews lease with Atos at Dutch Tech Campus Zoetermeer


PingProperties recently renewed the lease with Atos at the Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer.


Dutch Tech Campus is located in the heart of the Randstad conurbation, along the A12 motorway in Zoetermeer. Following the formation of PingProperties Corporate Office Fund IX in 2015, which incorporates this investment, PingProperties began with the rollout of the Dutch Tech Campus. Since then there has been considerable investment in facilities to increase the satisfaction of present lessees and to attract new lessees. Thanks to these positive developments, Atos has decided to renew the lease at this location, where it now leases 3,900 m² of office space and 200 parking spaces.

Atos is a leader in digital services, supplying IT services to its clients around the world and with an annual turnover of 12 million euros. It focuses on providing cutting-edge business technology to help clients move forward and structure their business for the future.

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