PingProperties welcomes Jaya’s to Carnisse Veste shopping centre in Barendrecht


PingProperties has concluded a long-term lease with Jaya’s for a retail unit in Carnisse Veste shopping centre in Barendrecht. On 1 May Jaya’s obtained the lease for 65 m² LFA on the first floor at Van Beuningenhaven 45, where previously Patisserie Limburgia was located. The shop is strategically positioned near the escalators on the Havenhoofd side. The space will be refurbished during the coming weeks and the shop is expected to open in early July. Jaya’s is a great addition to the range of shops in Carnisse Veste, since up to now there has been nowhere in the centre for the shopping public to relax and enjoy a good lunch and tasty snacks.


About Jaya’s
Jaya’s is to become the new catering hotspot in Carnisse Veste, with prizewinning ice cream by Robin Alting of De IJssalon, top-quality coffee, healthy cakes, acai bowls and delicious filled rolls.


Carnisse Veste Daily Convenience Centre
The complex (approx. 15,300 m² of retail space) consists of 50 units on two floors and is easily reached by public transport and car. All units are supplied from two large delivery lanes accessed from Portlandse Baan. Parking facilities with 495 free parking spaces are on the ground floor of the building. Tenants focus mainly on food and day-to-day non-food necessities. Carnisse Veste is visited by no fewer than 3.9 million people each year.

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