Sustainability ambitions of PingProperties and BAM taking shape


Following the long-term extension of the lease last year, a start has been made on the first phase of work to improve the sustainability of BAM Infra’s head office at H.J. Nederhorststraat in Gouda. The roofs and facades are being insulated, technical systems replaced and solar carports installed in all the car parks. These modifications perfectly reflect the sustainability ambitions of both BAM and PingProperties.


Substantial electricity and gas savings
The first phase has begun, with building work on the largest parking deck on the south side. The parking decks are being structurally reinforced with 80 new foundation piles, after which the solar carports will be installed. The other car parks will be modified in the second phase. A total of 178 parking spaces will be covered. Once the work is completed, the car parks will be equipped with 1080 solar panels, generating energy over an area of 1,400 m² in total. The solar carports are expected to generate almost 300,000 kWh of green energy. Work will also be carried out on the technical systems, and the roof of the office building will be reinsulated. This will achieve substantial savings for BAM in electricity and gas consumption. The work is scheduled to be completed and delivered at the end of October this year.


Reinforcing energy label A
Good relations with the lessee and the parties’ common sustainability ambitions have created the opportunity to improve the sustainability of the building even further, in close cooperation with BAM (as lessee and contractor). This will reinforce the energy label A status of the building, which has been in the ownership of PingProperties since 2008.

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