Grand reopening shopping center Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam


PingProperties revitalized the outdated shopping arcade Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam into a modern and distinctive shopping center. On 7 December, the major renovations of the mall and the parking garage were finalized. The new shopping center and the square were officially reopened on 8 December last by Councilor Nils Bernsen (daily administrator Municipality of Rotterdam).


One important change is the modern tapis roulant (travolator) which now connects the shopping center with the underground parking garage. Shopping by car has therefore become a great convenience: an important distinctiveness of the shopping center. “Shop & Go” is the new term which will be used in the marketing campaign, meaning fast parking and quick return. Also, the shopping center has a new logo and corporate identity, which will attract even more visitors by active retail marketing.


Besides the renovation and repositioning of the shopping center, the district Rotterdam North took care of the complete renovation of the square which lies in front of the shopping center and which has a complementary function. The square was re-paved and decorated with large sections of plants and shrubs. Thanks to both renovations the Eudokiaplein has become a traffic free, green area, where there is plenty of space for relaxation and where connections are made possible.


These large-scale renovations give a new impulse to the area and the complex and this is why tenants want to be connected to the shopping center for a long time. The owner of the complex, Eudokiaplein B.V., has reached agreement with Ahold for a long-term lease extension (10 years) of 2,400 sqm retail space of Albert Heijn. Ahold has also made a contribution to the renovation of the shopping center. In addition, DA Retailgroep B.V. renewed the lease agreement for 8 years and also local tenants renewed their lease contracts, again for a longer period. This shows that all parties have a common interest and are willing to build a future together.


The complex at the Eudokiaplein consists of retail and office units (over 10,000 sqm) and a parking garage under the building with 218 parking places. The complex has a very good accessibility by its central location in the district of Rotterdam North and a short distance to the center of Rotterdam.


Vandaag = Morgen is responsible for the design of the renewed shopping center and BAM Utiliteitsbouw Rotterdam for the execution of the construction work.

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