Redevelopment Bloeyendael is making progress


The demolition phase of office building Bloeyendael is making progress.


After an intense period of design and engineering major steps have been taken forward. The building has been completely stripped of the old installation package and the old installation systems are dismantled and removed.


One of the most rigorous changes to the building was made last week: the demolition of the left wing of the building. The concrete elements of the façade were removed and squeezed into pieces. The materials were then disposed of separately. In addition, the existing facade on the side of the new conservatory on the ground floor is removed and the floor of the conservatory is already paid.


The planning of the work is in full compliance with the forecast! The coming months work will be done on the walls, ceilings and furnishings.


With the redevelopment of Bloeyendael an obsolete office building is completely modernized and customized for PLUS Retail, by eliminating 2,100 sqm lettable floor office, by renovating and preserving the remaining 6,000 sqm and by turnkey redesigning through new materials and techniques. The building will then be able to compete with the most modern office buildings that will be completed at this time.

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