Jacobsweerd delivered to the Chamber of Commerce


Following an intensive redevelopment process lasting five months, last week the Jacobsweerd office building at Sint Jacobsstraat 300 in Utrecht was delivered to its lessee, the Chamber of Commerce.


Jacobsweerd has been completely renovated inside and out and its sustainability improved to create a modern office building with exceptionally high-quality facilities, such as a new company restaurant, a reception desk function and a smart, modern entrance. The architect has translated the Chamber of Commerce’s wishes into a modern, open office structure, with particular attention being given to providing plenty of flexible workspace. Thanks to the renovation the building is much more sustainable and now has an energy label A. The Chamber of Commerce will fit out and furnish the offices during the coming weeks to get them ready for occupation.


This redevelopment, in which an outdated building has been given a sustainable future, has been made possible thanks to the intensive cooperation between the parties involved. In collaboration with PingProperties ,BAM Utiliteitsbouw was responsible for the renovation, while Nivab Vastgoedadvies supervised the works and ILA architects took care of the complete interior design for the Chamber of Commerce.


Jacobsweerd is part of the PingProperties Corporate Office fund I. Jacobsweerd is a building on one of the major traffic arteries into the centre of Utrecht. The street itself is being completely transformed in 2015 by the Municipality of Utrecht to create an entirely new streetscape.

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