Maarten Matze to PingProperties


As of August 2013 Maarten Matze is employed by PingProperties as Fund Manager. Maarten will work for a few PingProperties funds where he is responsible for achieving the fund’s objectives and other agreements. He will have frequently consults with stakeholders regarding the fund policies and developments within the funds.


Fund management also writes annual fund plans and reports and organizes the funds shareholders’ meetings. In addition, the Fund Manager is responsible for the financial management of the funds (incoming rents, financing, interest/repayment, maintenance and renovation costs, marketing costs, etc.).


Maarten has worked at Fakton for the past two years where he was advisor for various parties and worked on numerous issues including (ground) valuations, leasehold issues, plan development and financial aspects of deal structures. In 2011, Maarten became Master in Real Estate and Housing at TU Delft.

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