Parking problem Canon 's Hertogenbosch resolved


Last year Canon Nederland signed a long-term lease agreement with PingProperties for its headquarters at the Brabantlaan 2 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. An important part of this agreement was the extension of 90 additional parking places, which was required after the integration of two business locations.


PingProperties started with the development of an optimal solution in early 2013 to make additional parking available. At first the construction of a parking deck seemed the only option, but research showed that placing a parking deck would be a very inefficient solution in terms of net addition of parking places, in terms of construction time and in terms of cost per parking place.


PingProperties therefore had meetings with the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch for a more efficient and better solution. The municipality agreed to a land exchange and sale of an additional piece of land, which made the Canon plot larger and more efficient of shape. This enabled PingProperties to renew the parking terrain as a whole and to reorganize it. The old parking terrain knew 378 parking places and thanks to the redesign, there are now 474 parking places. This means that 96 additional parking places are realized; achieving the agreed number easily.


The chosen solution is also a sustainable one, because all the material for a parking deck is saved, just as lighting and power. In addition, the department ‘Management Public Space’ of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, drawn up a “green plan”. The boundary will exist of a green hedge, while a number of trees is placed as a green wall between the Canon site and an adjacent residential block. Eight felling permit obliged trees on the property are fitted, allowing them to remain. Except for the planting of hedges, all work is completed and the property is delivered to the satisfaction of Canon. The municipality and local residents are very happy that the area as a whole was included.

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