PingProperties concludes various lease transactions


Stichting Bodemsanering NS
As of 1 January 2013 PingProperties has accommodated a new tenant in the building at the Catharijnesingel 38-46 in Utrecht. It concerns a long-term lease agreement with Stichting Bodemsanering NS (SBNS) of 600 sqm office space. SBNS examines NS areas of soil contamination and, where appropriate, SBNS also takes care of the soil. Thanks to this new tenant, the building is completely and long-term leased out. This is a lease agreement within PingProperties Office fund I.


In building Maasdomein in Maastricht PingProperties has concluded a new lease agreement with Co-Eur for 705 sqm office space. Co-Eur treats and advises obese patients. The Maasdomein is a striking building, centrally located in Randwyck business park, which consists of two office towers linked by a large entrance with a beautiful foyer.


WeightWatchers and KP&T
PingProperties also achieved a long-term lease extension with tenant WeightWatchers for 797 sqm office space in building the Bijster in Breda. In addition, tenant KP&T extended its lease agreement of 300 sqm office space in the same building. In the Bijster all renovations are completed, making it a sustainable building with energy label B.


Both Co-Eur, Weight Watchers and KP&T are leases in the PingProperties Office fund II.



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