PingProperties and RVB sign lease extension for 25,700 m2 in Groningen


PingProperties and the Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf – RVB) have signed extensions to three leases for several buildings at Cascadeplein 2-10 and Emmasingel 1 in Groningen. The total lettable floor area occupied by the RVB is more than 25,700 m2 and comes with 213 parking spaces. By extending the leases, the RVB continues to commit itself to the location for the long term. The Cascade complex is situated next to the Central Station and is the best office location in Groningen.


Refurbishment and sustainability improvements
The good understanding with the lessee has resulted in a long-term business relationship, to which both the RVB and PingProperties continue to contribute for their mutual benefit. At present, part of the office complex is undergoing a large-scale refurbishment for the RVB. The entrances to the various buildings and rooms for the Child Care and Protection Board and DUO are being upgraded and a central Government Meeting Centre is being created for joint use. PingProperties is also having all the lighting in the buildings replaced by energy-saving LED lighting. With the rollout of the sustainability plan, the buildings will be further improved this year to achieve energy label A. This is perfectly in keeping with PingProperties’ sustainability ambitions to achieve energy label A for 95% of its office properties by mid-2020. It will also deliver substantial savings for the RVB.


Cascade complex is the largest multi-tenant government building in the Netherlands
The Cascade complex was built in the period from 1994 to 1996 for the Dutch Government. It is the largest multi-tenant government building in the Netherlands and accommodates around 17 different government agencies, including the Child Care and Protection Board (Raad voor de Kinderbescherming), the Education Executive Agency (DUO), the Groningen Archives and the Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands (Agentschap Telecom – AT). The Cascade complex is situated right next to Groningen Central Station and has its own separate access to the platform. This location makes it excellently suited for government-affiliated organizations.

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