PingProperties and Vermaat reach agreement on the catering facilities & services on Dutch Tech Campus (DTC)


Last year PingProperties invited tenders from five parties for the improvement of the catering facilities and services on the campus. After selecting Vermaat an investment plan was worked out to ensure that the catering facilities meet the demands of the users of DTC. Both parties will invest jointly to provide and upgrade the catering facilities. The refurbishment of the company restaurant and brasserie will start at the end of August 2018.


About Dutch Tech Campus
DTC is located in the centre of the Randstad conurbation, along the A12 motorway in Zoetermeer. DTC provides custom-built accommodation to leading tech-related lessees (such as Siemens, Teleplan, Atos Medical, Sivantos and Atos). After purchasing DTC in 2015, PingProperties began rolling out the campus concept, investing mainly in facilities that will increase the satisfaction of the present lessees and attract new lessees. DTC now has two catering facilities, a conference centre and its own bus connection to the station. In 2018 the Lansingerland-Zoetermeer intercity station will open, which is located immediately adjacent to the Dutch Tech Campus. Vacancy levels have now declined by approx. 40%.


About Vermaat
Vermaat is an international party that provides custom-made catering and retail concepts for over 300 clients. These clients include businesses, hospitals, museums, universities and colleges, airports and events. Clients such as the Rijksmuseum, WTC Schiphol, Google and KLM but also VU Medisch Centrum, Mediapark Hilversum, the UMC, Rosada and Spoorwegmuseum. Vermaat also develops its own brands for the catering and retail market. With no less than 300 locations and 3,500 employees it is one of the five main employers in the catering industry.

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