PingProperties invests in upgrading the Euromaster complex on Charloisse Poort business park in Rotterdam


This year, owner PingProperties is investing in the upgrading of the Euromaster complex at Driemanssteeweg 25, on the Charloisse Poort business park in Rotterdam. The complex has been leased by Euromaster Bandenservice B.V. since 2006 and is strategically located on the edge of the city of Rotterdam, right next to exit 19 of the A15 motorway. The complex has been in the ownership of PingProperties since 2007. The Euromaster building comprises approximately 5,013 sqm. of light industrial space and 29 (52 after the refurbishment) parking spaces. The Dutch carwash giant BOB Autowas also has a carwash facility on the site.


The upgrade of the complex includes the building (year of construction 1996) and the surrounding grounds. The entire roof (3,600 sqm.) of the building is replaced. In addition, the ground level of the whole site will be leveled, provided with new pavement and optimized in terms of layout, thereby increasing the number of parking spaces for visitors and employees of Euromaster substantially. The aesthetics of the building will be thoroughly improved to create a fresh appearance again. Euromaster Bandenservice is and will remain connected with the complex for the long term, for which an amendmentto extend the lease has recently been signed.

About Euromaster Bandenservice B.V.

Euromaster is one of the major European players in the tire and servicing market, with more than 2,300 branches in 17 European countries. Euromaster Nederland is a 100% subsidiary of the Michelin Group. It delivers customized services and is the most important partner for all types of vehicles in the Rotterdam port area and at Schiphol Airport.


From its premises on Driemanssteeweg, Euromaster provides maintenance and other services for private cars as well as large vehicles such as trucks and port vehicles. The location of the complex between the ports of Rotterdam (Waalhaven Zuid and Eemshaven) and the city is therefore of major strategic value.

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