PingProperties launches Luna ArenA Amsterdam


PingProperties recently purchased a high-quality building, now forming part of the Properties Office fund IV. The highly prestigious office building is located at Herikerbergweg 120 opposite Atlas ArenA Amsterdam and will from today be called Luna ArenA Amsterdam. With this building PingProperties is expanding the success of Atlas ArenA Amsterdam.

Atlas ArenA Amsterdam is the successful and innovative redevelopment project that proves that existing buildings can be given a new life. Atlas ArenA has undergone an enormous quality transformation, as a result of which virtually the entire complex of almost 80,000 sqm has been leased within three years.

Within PingProperties there is therefore great enthusiasm to make this building a success again following that of Atlas ArenA Amsterdam.

Due to the perfect location in relation to the Atlas ArenA office complex, area development is a logical follow-up for PingProperties. It was therefore decided to give the building a new name linking up with Atlas ArenA Amsterdam: Luna ArenA Amsterdam.


The reason for this new name is the thought that earth (Atlas ArenA) and the moon (Luna is the name of the moon in Latin) are two different planets and therefore different entities, but cannot function without each other.


The baseline in this respect is that people who work in Luna ArenA are directly involved in the facilities at Atlas ArenA, such as the Absolute Kids day nursery, the culinary hotspot Absolute Taste and the future gymnasium and hotel facility. As a result the operators of these facilities have a wider clientele.


Luna ArenA is a completely new building with a spectacular atrium and a gross floor area of approx. 15,600 sqm. Amsterdam ArenA, Heineken Music Hall, Pathé Cinema and Woonmall Villa Arena are within walking distance, and access by public and private transport is excellent.


PingProperties has indicated that serious prospective lessees have already come forward and that all the indications are that the entire building will be leased in the near future.


PingProperties is interested in pursuing options for acquiring buildings in the immediate vicinity, so that functions can be added and ArenA Amsterdam can expand even further.

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PingProperties welcomes Dirk supermarket in the covered shopping arcade in Stadshart Zoetermeer - Daily Plaza

PingProperties has recently acquired, on behalf of PingProperties Intercity I C.V., De Argonaut office building in Amersfoort. This office building with its iconic design is right next to Amersfoort intercity railway station and only ten minutes from the A1 and A28 motorways.

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PingProperties concludes new lease with discounter Iper Megastores for Passage Schiedam shopping centre

PingProperties has recently concluded a 5-year lease with the non-food discounter Iper Megastores for 700 m2 in Passage Schiedam shopping centre. Iper Megastores offers a wide range of day-to-day non-food products at competitive prices: from hand towels to attractive home accessories and from pet supplies to kitchenware and craft materials. The store will open in Passage Schiedam in the second quarter of 2024.

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PingProperties welcomes Dirk supermarket in the covered shopping arcade in Stadshart Zoetermeer - Daily Plaza

PingProperties is delighted to welcome Dirk supermarket in the covered shopping arcade of Stadshart Zoetermeer which is being transformed into a daily convenience centre with the name: Daily Plaza. The new supermarket forms part of the revitalization of the shopping arcade that is being transformed. Last Friday PingProperties obtained the irrevocable permit for the first phase of the shopping centre’s redevelopment (approx. 5,500 m² GFA). Dirk supermarkets has concluded a long-term lease for approx. 2,200 m². The aim is for Dirk to open its doors in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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