PingProperties delivers new headquarters TenneT in Arnhem


PingProperties Corporate Office fund II delivered the new office Mariëndaal Center of Excellence (MCE) in Arnhem in collaboration with BAM Utiliteitsbouw Arnhem and Giesbers Bouw (consortium BGB). This redevelopment in the area Mariëndaal of Business Park Arnhems Buiten started in the summer of 2011 and lasted for almost 2 years.


The beautiful office building at the Utrechtseweg 310 in Arnhem will serve as the new headquarters of TenneT and is fully leased for 15 years. The building has a lettable floor area of approximately 21,936 sqm, 566 parking spaces and the plot comprises approximately 33,500 sqm. The annual rent is approximately € 5 million.


This redevelopment qualifies as very durable for several reasons. First, the former obsolete building was environmentally friendly demolished at this location, so that no additional square meters of office space would be added to the market. Furthermore the overall footprint of the reconstruction is reduced, and this created extra space for plants, trees and shrubs. The new building that has been built here, mainly consists of natural materials and is equipped with sustainable features, such as a thermal storage system , energy-efficient lighting concept and CO2 -controlled room ventilation.


Tenant TenneT is the operator of all high voltage cables in the Netherlands and partly in Germany. TenneT’s responsibilities include the management of the national transmission grid and maintaining the necessary energy to the grid. The Dutch State (Ministry of Finance) is 100 % owner of the shares of TenneT.

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