PingProperties concludes lease with Bagels & Beans


PingProperties recently concluded a long-term lease with Bagels & Beans in the Eudokiaplein shopping centre in Rotterdam. Bagels & Beans is a new lessee in the retail section of Eudokiaplein in Rotterdam. It will be leasing 130 m2 of retail space from 1 August and is expected to open its doors in September.


About Bagels & Beans
Bagels & Beans is a Dutch chain of eateries that was formed in 1996. In January of that year, founders Ronald Bakker and Ninande Thio opened the first branch in Amsterdam. Bagels & Beans focuses specifically on a particular type of bread, the bagel, which has long been particularly popular in the United States. Today, in 2017, Bagels & Beans has 72 branches throughout the Netherlands and since July 2010 it has also had a branch in Germany. All the branches are run by franchisees.


Bagels & Beans gets its coffee from the Janson family’s plantation in Panama. This small-scale plantation cultivates the coffee beans organically, which are then picked by hand, and ensures good welfare standards for the coffee growers and their families. As for the coffee, it supports the organization Coffee Kids (, an education project for employees and their families on the coffee plantation in Panama.


About Eudokiaplein
The Eudokia amenities complex, located in Rotterdam-Noord, has a total floor area of approx. 10,527 m² with a modern basement car park directly linked to the shopping centre by a travelator. The shopping centre, which attracts more than 50,000 visitors each week, is mainly for day-to-day shopping and has a range of shops, including two large supermarkets (Albert Heijn and Aldi). The amenities complex, focusing on care and welfare, gives an extra social dimension for the area. The subdistrict offices for Rotterdam-Noord, for example, are located here, as are a range of social and care institutions (such as the Youth and Family Centre (Centrum Jeugd Gezin), the NIDOS Foundation and an organization for elderly people, the Stichting Ouderenwerk Noord). These users exert a considerable attractive force in the area and complement their neighbourhood and the complex.

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