PingProperties concludes lease with Grey Valley B.V.


PingProperties recently concluded a lease with Grey Valley B.V. at the Dutch Tech Campus (DTC) in Zoetermeer.


With effect from 1 May 2018 Grey Valley will be leasing approx. 870 m² LFA of office space in this complex, where it will set up its Grey Valley Incubator, an initiative of Bureauvijftig. The Grey Valley Incubator is a physical location and inspirational environment where start-ups and other entrepreneurs with a concept or product aimed at older people can set up business, but also a place where living labs, investors and knowledge come together.


During the past six months PingProperties has concluded leases for more than 3,000 m² with new lessees, as well as leasing additional space to existing lessees at the Dutch Tech Campus. Earlier it welcomed lessees Atos Medical and Loyals Online, which will now be joined by Grey Valley B.V. In addition, the Vermaat Group was recently contracted to operate and upgrade the hospitality facilities at DTC.
Dutch Tech Campus (DTC) is situated in the heart of the Randstad along the A12 motorway in Zoetermeer. DTC facilitates a wide range of leading tech-related lessees (including Siemens, Teleplan, Atos Medical, Sivantos and Atos) in bespoke accommodation. Following the purchase in 2015, PingProperties started rolling out the campus concept, investing heavily in facilities and amenities to increase the satisfaction of existing lessees and to attract new lessees. Among the amenities that DTC currently has are two catering facilities, a conference centre and its own bus connection to the station. In 2018 the Lansingerland-Zoetermeer intercity station, immediately next to the Dutch Tech Campus, will be opened.


About the Grey Valley incubator
For more than ten years Bureauvijftig has been successfully stimulating entrepreneurs, marketeers and product developers who seriously focus on developing and marketing products and services targeting the older generation. It is now time to make the next step to transform the network that has been built up into an ecosystem: Grey Valley Incubator. The following will all be coming together at this physical spot:
• Entrepreneurs, organizations with ideas, concepts and plans
• A wealth of knowledge about the target group
• Investors, relevant and valuable partners.
The aim of Grey Valley is to help entrepreneurs working on products and services for older people to launch these successfully on the market as quickly as possible. Grey Valley is continually seeking start-ups that solve real-life problems.

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