PingProperties to increase the sustainability of the BAM Infra head office


PingProperties has renewed the lease with BAM Infra B.V. for its head office at H.J. Nederhorststraat in Gouda until the end of 2031. The total lettable floor is approx. 8,600 m2 with 229 parking spaces and is fully let to BAM. BAM has had close links with the location since 1971 and employs around 500 staff.


Lease extension & sustainability work for BAM
The good relations with the lessee and its ambitions to make the property sustainable has created the opportunity to bring the property up to energy label A, coupled with an extension of the lease for the long term. This year the sustainability of the building will be improved, in close collaboration with BAM as both lessee and contractor. The roof and external walls will be insulated and solar carports will be installed in all the car parks. This will be a visible sustainability improvement for the building and make it a genuine icon of sustainability. These modifications are perfectly in keeping with BAM’s sustainability ambitions, as they will help achieve significant savings in electricity and gas consumption.


95% of the portfolio is energy label A
This year PingProperties is aiming to bring more than 70,000 m2 of office space up to Energy Label A. Sustainability improvements are being made to the Cascade complex in Groningen (35,000 m2), the Canon head office in Den Bosch (11,300 m2), the BAM Infra building in Gouda (8,600 m2) and the Teijn head office in Arnhem (16,200 m2). All this work means that PingProperties expects 95% of its corporate office portfolio to have an energy label A or higher by the end of the year, making it one of the leaders in sustainability.


Improving the sustainability of existing offices has been on PingProperties’ agenda for many years. Buildings are being fitted with energy-saving lighting, intelligent and energy-efficient heating, cooling, ventilation and solar panels. During the past few years PingProperties has made major sustainability improvements to many of its buildings, including Luna ArenA in Amsterdam (15,600 m2), the Vodafone head office in Maastricht (16,000 m2), the BAM office building at Runnenburg 34 in Bunnik (2,000 m2) and the Heijmans head office in Rosmalen (10,200 m2).
Earlier PingProperties carried out sustainability work at Trappenburch in Utrecht (6,700 m2) and the Hotel Ibis Styles Amsterdam Airport (5,800 m2, 143 rooms) so these buildings now also bear an energy label A. In 2016 the very first LEED Platinum certificate was also awarded for the large-scale renovation of an office building in the Netherlands, to the Siemens head office in the Beatrixkwartier in The Hague (29,000 m2).


The power of sustainable business
The power of sustainability is found in the intensive collaboration between the lessee and the lessor, which makes these sustainability processes feasible and profitable. PingProperties makes sustainability one of its prime concerns and is continually working on further improving the sustainability of its portfolio. PingProperties is committed to making and keeping all its buildings future-proof over the coming years.


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