PingProperties extends lease with Municipality of Rotterdam at Eudokiaplein


PingProperties recently extended the lease with the Municipality of Rotterdam (‘Stadswinkel Noord’ municipal service centre) for ten years. The Municipality of Rotterdam is a sitting lessee in the office and amenities section of the Eudokiaplein complex in Rotterdam, where it occupies 2,564 m2. The municipal service centre serves the residents of Rotterdam-Noord.


The Eudokiaplein amenities complex, located in Rotterdam-Noord, has a total floor area of 10,527 m² and a modern, underground car park directly connected to the shopping centre by means of a moving walkway. The shopping centre, which attracts more than 50,000 visitors a week, caters for day-to-day shopping needs with two large supermarkets (Albert Heijn and Aldi) among the range of shops.
The amenities complex, focusing on care and welfare, creates strong ties with its surroundings. Facilities in the complex include a number of public and care organizations (such as the mental healthcare organization Virenze, the Social Support Office (Maatschappelijk Ondersteuningsbureau), Youth and Family Centre (Centrum Jeugd & Gezin) and the NIDOS Foundation). These users exert a strong pull on the local area and complement their surroundings and the complex.

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