PingProperties extends lease with Sivantos Benelux at Dutch Tech Campus


On behalf of its Corporate Office Fund IX, PingProperties has reached agreement with Sivantos Benelux on a long-term extension of the lease for 768 m² and 16 parking spaces at the Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer.


Sivantos Benelux had offices in the Hayes building on the Campus. In cooperation with PingProperties, the Drebbel building has been refurbished and upgraded to meet today’s standards. Following this upgrade, the building has been delivered turnkey to Sivantos Benelux.


This business park was developed in the early 1990s. Following the formation of the PingProperties Corporate Office Fund IX in 2015, in which this investment is held, PingProperties set out to transform the site into the Dutch Tech Campus. Since then there has been substantial investment in facilities and services in order to improve the level of satisfaction among the present lessees and to attract new ones. Thanks to these positive developments, Sivantos Benelux has decided to extend its lease at this site.


Sivantos Benelux is part of the Sivantos Group. Sivantos is a supplier of hearing aids and has more than 130 years of experience in audiology. As far as volume and turnover are concerned, it is one of the three largest suppliers in the world. Its innovative and technologically sophisticated hearing aids and diagnostic workflow applications and services has made it market leader in this sector in many countries.

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