PingProperties renews lease with Teleplan on Dutch Tech Campus Zoetermeer


PingProperties has recently renewed the lease with Teleplan on Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer for 5 years. Teleplan’s service centre is established here.


Dutch Tech Campus is located in the heart of the Randstad conurbation, along the A12 motorway in Zoetermeer. After the incorporation of PingProperties Corporate Office Fund IX in 2015, in which this investment is placed, PingProperties began the rollout of the Dutch Tech Campus. Since then, significant investments have been made in facilities to increase the satisfaction of existing lessees and attract new lessees. Due to these positive developments and the good location along the A12 motorway, Teleplan has decided to renew its lease at this location. In total, Teleplan leases no less than 15,703m² of business, office and storage space and 75 parking spaces.


Teleplan International is an industry leader in lifecycle care for after-market service, operating in the areas of Computers, Communications and Consumer Electronics. Focusing on Customer Care, Managed Logistics, Parts Management, Screening & Testing, Repair/Refurbish and Resell/Recycle, Teleplan has over 33 years of proven performance providing value propositions throughout the supply chain from the point of purchase to the end of life. Teleplan innovates to consistently keep up with the advances in interactive connectivity and communication and the Telemade approach tailors to each individual customer’s needs. Headquartered in Amsterdam/Schiphol, the Netherlands, Teleplan’s service centres have a global reach of over 95 countries and employ over 5,000 people.

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