PingProperties extends lease with UWV in Groningen


PingProperties has agreed with the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) a long-term extension of the lease for approx. 4,400 m² of office space and 69 parking spaces in the Cascade office complex at Cascadeplein in Groningen.


During the coming years PingProperties intends to carry out major improvements to the sustainability of the complex to achieve an energy label A. The improvement in the buildings’ sustainability was an important condition for UWV to extend the lease. CSR and sustainability are spearheads of the organization’s accommodation policy. A new lease has been concluded with UWV for 7 years.

The Cascade complex is situated at a unique location in the centre of Groningen, immediately adjacent to the central railway station. The complex is characterized by mainly government-related lessees, which have been accommodated here since the complex was completed, as well as the excellent quality of the buildings. There are still 1,500 m2 of office space available to let in the complex.

PingProperties itself finalized the extension of the lease with UWV. Earlier this year PingProperties reached agreement with the Land Registry (Kadaster) on a longer occupancy in the Cascade complex.

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