Update redevelopment Bloeyendael Utrecht


The demolition work around the building has been completed and at this moment work is carried out to the interior and exterior.


Right now, the stairwells are being cleaned and painted on the outside in a modern gray color. This shade of gray is also the new color of the window frames. In addition, a part of the façade is cleaned. Along with the new color stairwells and windows it directly provides a different and beautiful look!


On the inside of the building the floor heating is laid on the ground floor and the cement floors are installed. In addition, the light fixtures and ceilings on the top three floors are placed. The ceilings will be closed as soon as the plants are ready. Also, the roof covering of the building is replaced to a large extent and the fronts are almost completely placed on the ground floor. Besides that, the stuccowork is started on the ground floor and several other floors.


On the sixth floor, the interior concept of PLUS is physically developed, which now makes clear how the offices there will soon look like.


In two weeks work will begin on the refurbishment of the parking terrain with the aim to lay out the number of parking places more effectively. In early November, the glass fronts of the conservatory are expected.

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