PingProperties sells multi-purpose warehouse at Dutch Tech Campus to an international institutional investor

PingProperties recently sold the multifunctional commercial building at Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer. It is a building covering approx. 21,000 m² that is let to ...

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PingProperties delivers new commercial building for Lamboo Medical and Siemens at Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer

On 23 December PingProperties delivered a new building of around 21,000 m² for Lamboo Medical (approx. 15,500 m²) and Siemens (approx. 5,500 m²) at Dutch ...

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PingProperties improves sustainability of Cascade Groningen to achieve energy label A++/A+++

PingProperties has recently completed work on making the Cascade complex at Cascadeplein 2 to 10 and Emmasingel 4 in Groningen fully sustainable. It means that ...

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PingProperties welcomes TKH Security to Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer

PingProperties has concluded a new, long-term agreement with TKH Security B.V., part of the listed technology company TKH Group N.V., at the Dutch Tech Campus ...

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PingProperties opens redeveloped courtyard garden at Dutch Tech Campus

At a festive networking event, PingProperties handed over the climate-adaptive courtyard garden at the Dutch Tech Campus. This courtyard garden in the Dutch Innovation Park ...

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PingProperties acquires Stadshart Oost Zoetermeer from Altera and MN

On 1 September PingProperties acquired Stadshart Oost, situated in Zoetermeer city centre, for its Daily Convenience Center IV portfolio. Stadshart Oost is a city-centre, mixed-use ...

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PingProperties improves sustainability of Light Industrial Portfolio with ABN AMRO

On 1 July PingProperties concluded a financing agreement with ABN AMRO for its Light Industrial portfolio, comprising buildings totalling around 16,500 m2. This finance will ...

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PingProperties acquires SBM Offshore building in Schiedam

Along with the SBM Offshore office at Karel Doormanweg 66 in Schiedam acquired last March, PingProperties is now acquiring the adjacent building at Karel Doormanweg ...

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PingProperties: A festive opening for ROC at the ENKA campus in Arnhem

The new site for the ROC Rijn IJssel education and training centre at the ENKA campus in Arnhem was recently opened in festive style. This ...

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PingProperties welcomes Jaya’s to Carnisse Veste shopping centre in Barendrecht

PingProperties has concluded a long-term lease with Jaya’s for a retail unit in Carnisse Veste shopping centre in Barendrecht. On 1 May Jaya’s obtained the ...

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PingProperties redeveloping courtyard garden at Dutch Tech Campus as a climate-adaptive meeting place

PingProperties has embarked on phase D of the development plans at Dutch Tech Campus in Zoetermeer. In this phase, the plan is being implemented to ...

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PingProperties acquires another BOB Autowas branch

On 16 May 2022 PingProperties acquired another BOB Autowas branch for its light industrial portfolio. The carwash is located in Amsterdam Noord at Monitorstraat 17, ...

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